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The Department of the Interior, Washington, DC

Completion Date: Fall 2008
Former Network Contractor

Up on the DOI green roof today and it was another hot and humid one!  The views from atop of this roof are amazing!  It looks like you could almost reach out and touch the Washington Monument and our nation’s Capitol building.  It would have been a very pleasant experience if it weren’t for the two Killdeer birds that have nested on the roof and who made it very clear to me that they were not happy at all to see me in their home.  Biodiversity is a two way street, I guess.

This roof is 7,000 square feet, is un-irrigated, and was established with mixed sedum plugs and cuttings.  The retrofit installation is a  Roofmeadow Type III dual-media assembly, on the third wing of the Main Interior Building.

I really wanted to take a look inside the green roof today to see how deeply rooted the plants are and to inspect the media layers.  The first layer I inspected was the growth media.   You can clearly see that the fibrous roots of the plants have completely filled this layer.  That’s good…that’s what we want.  Next, I cut out a section of the separation fabric to expose the drainage layer.  The separation fabric is very important in this type of system because it keeps the growth media and drainage media separate so that the green roof functions properly.

You can see that the roots have grown through the separation fabric and into the drainage media as well. 

This green roof is only a little over two years old so it’s very good to see the strong root systems of the plants!

The video and the pictures below will help to illustrate what it’s like up on the amazing roof.  Enjoy!  I think the Killdeer do…

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